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    Sasha Knox, a true BDSM lifestyle enthusiast, plays with Mark Davis and gets fucked in the ass while in bondage. A hard suspension has her immobilized and her breathing restricted as she sucks cock. She is treated like a dog and led around by a lease connected to an ass hook. She comes hard from riding the super vibrating Sybian while pulling on her ass plug and is then fucked in the pussy and ass.

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    Katie Summers and Sarah Shevon pair up with Mark Davis in this special holiday update! These two beautiful girls are slaves to evil Santa who keeps them shackled in his sex toy workshop. He makes them test the toys out on each other while they are punished and sexually humiliated. In bondage, Katie and Sarah suck cock and get fuck hard by the kinkiest Santa you'll ever seen. Plenty of intensity and anal action in this fun and dirty Christmas treat.

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    We created a great device for Micah, one that bent her back, spread her wide, locked her down and fit a machine into her tight fuck hole. And that's before we did anything to her.

    Micah is so helpless bent back with her neck held down, she is unable to see what we are going to do to her. We oil up that sexy tan body, we finger her till she squirts, and we vibrate her until she cums multiple times. We also punish her body with floggers and canes.

    Then we really get started. We bury a fucking saw up her hot pussy, lock it into place, and fuck this little girl better then she's been fucked in a long time. The machine is ruthless, never tiring, it just knows how to fuck, and it fucks her brilliantly!

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    This terrorized slut clings desperately to her chains, her round, tender ass red and sore from her master's brutal lash. His slave's humiliation is just beginning as he binds her tightly to his torture table and calls in a hung stud to properly dominate her moist pussy. Her master demands that she suck his fat cock while getting plowed without mercy by his thick-dicked cohort, and she whimpers for mercy around his rigid meat. She gets none as she is pounded mercilessly into the table and then the hard, unforgiving floor, as her master's dick explodes into a shower of hot cum.

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    It's New Year's Eve and Derrick has made promises of a slut to come by for all of us to have our way with. She finally arrives and she was definitely worth the wait. Skylar is sexy, and has an amazing body. We all start groping her and abusing this slut. We get her bound and while Big Bad and I humiliate her Derrick starts to fuck her. We spend the rest of the evening abusing her and degrading her for our pleasure. Skylar came over a drunken slut looking for a good time, and as we leave her tied and alone headed for the next party, she has time to contemplate her whore-ishness, and possibly make a New Years resolution...

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    Do you like watching pussy spanking videos? What a dumb question. Of course you do. Who doesnt like pussy spanking videos? What about water bondage? Do you like water bondage? Well if you like pussy spanking and you like water bondage, then this is the erotic bondage film for you. But wait. It gets better. See, this isnt just any pussy spanking water bondage film. Oh no. In this hardcore video, the water bondage and the pussy spanking go hand and hand. Do you know what Im talking about? Well, watch this pussy spanking video, and find out!

    If I had to pick the sexiest animal, Id pick the spider. Why? Because it weaves a web that leaves its prey trapped. Its like natures very on bondage machine. The makers of this pussy spanking video must think like I do, because they have their red headed star chained to a giant spider web, where she receives her hardcore pussy spankings. But these arent just any pussy spankings. Oh no. These are water bondage inspired pussy spankings. DO you catch my drift? Does it turn you on? Just watch this pussy spanking film and youll understand exactly what Im talking about.

    Theres nothing quite like a good breast suspension bondage video to really get you all hot and bothered. Oh wait, thats just me. But Im sure you like a good hardcore breast suspension bondage film as much as I do. And let me tell you, this sexy breast suspension bondage video is in a class all by itself. Want to know what the coup de grais in this breast suspension bondage film is? Ill give you one hint. Zap! Do you know what that means? Does that excite you as much as it does me?

    A good breast suspension bondage film has two basic requirements: hot tits and hardcore bondage. A great breast suspension bondage film goes one step beyond and has that little something extra that makes it stand out. This video is a great breast suspension bondage video. Why? Because of two things: shiny leather and a blindfold. Do I even need to continue describing this hot ass breast suspension bondage video? Is there anything more you need to hear about this breast suspension bondage video before you view it? Are you turned on yet? I know I am.

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